Insuring your Jewelry - yay or nay?

Insuring your Jewelry - yay or nay?

August 15, 2022

"You'll never believe what happened. The closet door slammed on my hand (OUCH!), and do you know what happened to my ring? My diamond SHATTERED into itty bitty shards."

"Do you know I went to the ladies' room in the restaurant, took off my ring to wash my hands, and when I went back, it was gone!"

"NOOOO - my engagement ring fell down the garbage disposal WHILE IT WAS RUNNING! My engagement ring is gone!"

Yep, these really happened. And this is why you want to schedule your jewelry separately. And yep, it requires some kind of receipt or appraisal for the ring.

While most home policies cover jewelry to a degree, there's only so much coverage, and it's limited in what's covered. It's "pretty good", absolutely. But the freaky things that happen, and yes they do happen, are the things that will be covered in a Personal Articles Floater. And the PAF is better than "pretty good". 

The PAF also can insure more than jewelry. For instance - gun collections, furs, silver, stamps and coins, cameras, golf equipment, musical instruments - and on and on. If it's mobile in nature (as opposed to furniture that just stays in the home), 

More than anything, when you call with a loss, we want to have your back. We LOVE to be "can-do". Think about what you have that really should be scheduled separately for the best coverage.