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Workers Compensation in Elk Grove, CA & Sacramento CA

Keeping Employees and Businesses Protected

Businesses and employees face a lot of risks, including injuries, equipment breakdown, crime, and lawsuits.  These and other risks can be costly, and for these reasons businesses and employees need protection.  Insurance provides this protection and at Insurance121 we have a complete workers’ compensation insurance program.  We write customized solutions through this program and we’ll write a customized solution for you.  You’ll have the greatest possible policy for the right price, to help your operation and your workforce stay secure.

Workers Compensation Coverage Details

Workers’ compensation generally protects employees if they are injured at work.  Workers’ compensation covers some or all of the costs of medical care, and it helps reimburse employees for lost wages.  It also protects employers against lawsuits.  In California workers’ compensation is required, so every commercial operation with one employee or more must have it.  However, different levels of coverage and service may be needed by your individual business.  We’ll help you find the right coverage for your operation, and we’ll ensure that your policy fits.

We represent more than 20 workers’ compensation carriers to give you the best possible selection of insurance options, and to allow you to tailor your solution to your needs. We offer “pay-as-you-go” payroll reporting so that during your down months, your money stays in your pockets instead of going to the insurance company. Ask about this option and find out which payroll company we partner with to simplify your workers’ compensation process.

Industries We Work With

We can provide workers’ compensation options to most any industry, including restaurants and food service, offices, medical, auto service and repair, and many others.

However, many industries have Workers’ Compensation challenges – both in availability and rates.  Below are examples of industries where, in many cases, we can offer a choice of solutions:

  • Construction - including framing, carpentry, roofing, plumbing, HVAC, fence construction, glass and glazier, concrete, structural steel and rebar, .
  • Tree care, arborists, landscapers and lawn care.
  • Agriculture – including vineyards, growers, ranchers, dairies, orchards, farms.
  • Trucking, hauling, construction clean-up.
  • Manufacturing and wholesale.
  • Recyclers.
  • Limousine and wine tour operators.
  • Building maintenance and janitorial.

What You Can Expect

We provide packages of workers’ compensation products and services to meet your unique needs as a client.  Once your policy is in place, our job is just beginning.  We monitor regularly, and we keep you informed.  We’re your partner, one you’ve brought on to help keep your bottom line profitable.

Beyond simply writing a policy for you, we work closely you to identify potential weaknesses and to create the best level of service.  Our 1.2.1 Toolbox is a unique suite of services, designed to help you manage your risk and your employer obligations, and to guide you through the confusing maze of workers’ compensation.  We work with you to minimize the chance you will need to use your insurance.  If you do experience a workplace injury or illness, and you have to file a claim, we’ll monitor and help manage the claim, to help the process move quickly. 

We’re reachable at almost all times, so clients can get a hold of us whenever they want or need to. 

We'd love to tell you more about our workers’ compensation program, so please contact us or give us a call.  If you're ready to get started you can request a quote.


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I had been using the same general liability insurance for years. I had Insurance 121 review my coverage--it was discovered that I was completely underinsured! To my surprise, Anitra's personalized designed policy gave my business greater coverage at a very reasonable rate. Thanks so much!

Theresa G.
Anitra and Denise have always been there when I have needed them to explain changes in my policy or to fulfill any request I may have. I trust them with all my business and personal insurance. If you're like me and don't want to worry about your insurance, please call Insurance121, you won't be disappointed.

Kari B.
Fantastic service, Anitra and her staff really do give you the 1-2-1 experience. Everything is handled in a personal and professional manner. Great rates and the best service!!!

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I am very happy with the services I have received from the people at Insurance121 over the years. I really do feel as though they are working tirelessly to look out for our interests. It's great to work with such dedicated professionals!

Don R.
I have followed this agent through 4 different companies over the 25 years I've known her. I can buy insurance anywhere, but seldom get the personal service that you get from 121 . They feel like part of our family and are always right there in the thick of it for us.

Stephen S.
First rate, professional, experienced, knowledgeable. Anitra and her team are the best in the business in the greater Sacramento area.

Tammy M.
Anitra has provided incredible service to my company. Her customer service has been incredible. I recently had some issues with a client's insurance requirements; Anitra and Denise not only assisted me with understanding the insurance terminology, but spoke directly with our client to resolve some contractual issues. This team has always been responsive and great to work with. Thank you.

Joan D.
Such a great team, Anitra is really hands on and knows her stuff! She provides a great service to businesses, large and small. I highly recommend her and the Insurance121 team.

Jedidah L.