Contractors Insurance in Elk Grove, CA and Sacramento CA

Insurance121 is dedicated to providing contractors with the insurance they need for a price that fits their budget. We will help you find and tailor a policy that is perfect for you, whether you’re a general contractor or have a unique specialty.


Our contractors insurance policies are affordable and designed to protect your business’ assets so that you can focus on the work and your clients.

What Does Contractors Insurance Cover?

Basic contractors insurance generally includes general liability insurance. This insurance covers accidents of bodily injury and property damage another person may suffer as a result of everyday activities by the contractor. For example, if a client trips over a cord to your power saw and gets injured, this insurance will pay for their medical bills and protect you against a lawsuit concerning the injury.


Other coverages we offer contractors include:

  • Commercial Property Insurance: Commercial property insurance covers your business’ physical property in case of loss or damage due to fire, wind, hail, theft, vandalism and more.

  • Equipment Coverage: Contracting work often requires expensive machinery and equipment. Equipment coverage can help you repair or replace your work equipment in case of a fire, theft, vandalism and more.

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O Insurance), professional liability covers expenses and lawsuits related to an accident in which a contractor causes their client to lose money. For example, if the contractor fails to properly secure pipes in the bathroom after renovation and a pipe bursts, causing thousands of dollars in damage, professional liability insurance will help with the expenses.

  • Inland Marine Insurance: Inland marine insurance provides coverage for products and equipment that is in transport, such as if you are transporting your work equipment from one client location to another.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Commercial auto insurance covers your work vehicles with a range of coverages to protect you, the vehicle, your passengers and others on the road. If you own or use a vehicle for work purposes, you will need commercial auto insurance.

  • Workers Compensation: Workers compensation steps in if your employees are injured on the job. It can help pay for their medical bills as well as protect you against a lawsuit.

  • Bonds: There are many different bonds available for contractors, some of which may even be required by clients with large projects. Be sure to ask what bond you may need before taking on a new project.


Why Contractors Need Insurance

Contractors face a wide variety of risks over the course of a normal workday, from damage to their equipment to physical injury and lawsuits. Contractors insurance can help cover unexpected expenses to keep contractors from going out of business due to one accident or claim.

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Common Contractors Insurance Questions

What Insurance Should Contractors Have?

At the very least, contractors should have general liability, professional liability, equipment coverage and workers compensation (if you have employees). In most states, workers compensation is required. Speak with an Insurance121 agent to discuss what type of insurance you need to protect your contracting business.


How Much Does Contractors Insurance Cost?

Contractors insurance is relatively affordable at about $1,090 a year, or $90 a month. This price depends on a variety of factors, such as your location and the size of your business. Ask an Insurance121 agent about how you can save on contractors insurance today!


What is Contractors Insurance?

Contractors insurance is an umbrella term for a range of coverages designed to protect against the unique risks that contractors face.


How Does Contractors Insurance Work?

You can bundle important coverages into a contractors insurance policy. Contractors pay monthly premiums in exchange for coverage. Fill out an online quote form to get started.