Entertainment and Sports Insurance in Elk Grove, CA & Sacramento CA

Protecting Entertainers and Producers in Elk Grove and Sacramento, CA

The entertainment industry changes quickly, and with its transformations come distinct and varying risks.  These risks range from a crewmember dropping a piece of set and injuring another party to disputes over intellectual property.  Regardless of the risk, anyone who is involved in an entertainment venture needs insurance that protects against loss.  That’s why at Insurance121 we offer a comprehensive entertainment insurance program; it covers virtually anyone against almost any exposure for the right price.  The coverages in our program are enhanced and flexible and can be tailored to your individual needs, no matter what your role is.  We will work with you to creat these an optimal plan with coverages that will keep your operation running smoothly and successfully.

Enhanced and Specialized Coverages for You

Different facets of the entertainment industry need different insurance coverages.  From crewmembers and performers to props and equipment to those who provide lighting, sound, power, staging, everything needs protection.  That’s why we offer specialized insurance coverage and services; it keeps virtually anyone and/or anything protected under most circumstances.  Our coverage plans serve different industry segments and can have a wide range of coverages.  These segments include commercial filmmakers and concert promoters, among many others, and our specialized coverages include cast protection and faulty stock, camera, and processing. Rented or loaned equipment? We can do it.  Traveling overseas for a shoot? It’s easy. Need insurance for just a short-term event or production? Whether it’s a festival or concert or trade show or sporting event, we have insurance products for you.

If you’re a rental house, providing lighting, sound, power, staging for special events – we can cover you.  If you organize events, whether concerts and shows, to corporate events, we have products to keep you covered.  Or if you’re a production company creating content for DICE programming (Documentary, Industrial, Commercial & Educational), and need annual insurance, or short-term insurance, we can find the right solution for you.

We’re an independent agency so we work with different providers, and as a result we’re able to effectively ‘shop’ for the best coverage on your behalf.  This means that we can find a truly customized solution for you.  Some of our coverage offerings are below:

  • General liability
  • Entertainment equipment
  • International
  • Property
  • Umbrella
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Commercial auto
  • Crime
  • Third-party property damage
  • Liquor liability
  • Animal mortality protection
  • Errors & omissions (E&O)
  • Props, sets, and wardrobes
  • Money & securities protection

We also protect promoters and organizers of sports and sporting events.  From local youth leagues to professional competitions, from fun runs to marathons, from fitness instructors to the local workout facility or gym, we provide the protection that you need as a sponsor, promoter, organizer, trainer or venue.  The coverages we offer for this type insurance include:

  • Participant liability for competitors
  • Property and equipment, in case of damage or loss
  • General liability for spectators
  • Employers liability for hirers or organizations
  • Weather insurance, prize indemnification and event cancellation

Regardless of whether you’re in entertainment or sports, we offer packages with extended coverage and we optimize every package we provide.  We make sure you take advantage of the benefits and/or discounts that save you money,  and we provide ongoing ‘one-to-one’ services that help you reduce costs and make the most of your insurance. 

Finding the Right Solution with Insurance121

Entertainment and/or sporting event insurance take a lot of attention to detail, adaptability, and industrial knowledge.  At Insurance121 we are detailed, have extensive knowledge, and are completely adaptable.  Our years of experience have helped us understand these two industries and have enabled us to deliver optimal solutions for people and organizations in these industries.  As a result, we’re one of the finest options in northern California and up and down the state for entertainment and/or sporting event insurance.

We provide extensive and personalized services in addition to products, and these services include risk and claims management and full availability.  Whether you need to resolve an emergency, change coverage, and/or get the answer to a question, we’ll be there to help you.  We’ll ensure over time that you have the best insurance investment possible and that you maximize the value of this investment. 

Please contact us or give us a call to learn more.  If you’re ready to start on a policy, you can request a quote

Insurance121 Insurance Solutions provides insurance to businesses in Elk Grove, Sacramento, Rancho Murrieta, Galt, Lodi, Stockton, and surrounding areas.


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