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May - The Secret Garden



Don’t miss their succulent extravaganza   May 27—28th, with hourly classes on growing succulents.  Succulents are certainly the rage, aren’t they?  Low maintenance, low water, and gorgeous!   

 Here is from my interview with Jennifer:


In 2002, taking care of 4 little ones, and a husband tiring of the restaurant business, Jennifer and Victor decided to open up shop.  Victor had education in civil engineering, and wanted to do something with concrete – hence the fountains.  Jennifer wanted the business to be more than just rocks and stones – she wanted to have decorative items as well.


The book The Secret Garden was their motivation in naming – where the characters wanted to bring a garden to life, but in fact, the reverse happened – the garden brought them to life!  Jen and Vic’s goal was to show folks how to create “living” rooms in that vast expanse of their back yard.


The Secret Garden is a family business, with Jennifer and Victor running the show.  Victor is the “Minister of Exterior Affairs” and Jennifer is the “Minister of Interior Affairs” – meaning he runs the outside and she runs the inside.  Their 4 grown children help by forcing them (at first kicking and screaming, but now successfully) into Facebook, Instagram all the social media.  Jennifer is a whiz at it (and is my tutor here at Insurance121!).


Here’s the difference between The Secret Garden and the larger nurseries and big box stores, hardware stores.  It’s like “Cheers”, where everybody knows your name, has a smile to greet you, asks how “how’d that piece you bought for your back yard work out?”  The Secret Garden is local, it’s family-owned, it’s small business, and it’s SO MUCH MORE THAN A GARDEN STORE.  Check out The Secret Garden at or at



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